Being a leader is more than just being someone others follow around. Being a leader is more than just about being someone others look up to. It’s not about being feared upon. It’s not about being discouraged upon.

It’s being someone who is passionate. It’s being someone others would be passionate for to work with.

That being said, here’s what leaders should have passion for:

Passion For The Job

Like anyone who has a job, leaders started out as mere trainees. From being trainees, they went on to become a regular employee after months of hardwork and determination. From being a regular employee, they went on to become who they are right now – after years of hardwork, patience, and determination. Therefore, leaders should have passion for their job – just as they did when starting out.

Passion For Their Subordinates

Just because you’re a leader, it doesn’t mean you have to let your subordinates do all the work. Just because you’re a leader, it also doesn’t mean you have to let yourself get too relaxed. A leader should not depend on his subordinates, but rather rely on both his skills and his subordinates’ skills. A leader should not reprimand his subordinates, but rather help them. A leader should not instruct his subordinates, but rather teach them.

Passion For Their Customers

Leaders should have passion for their customers – or more specifically, passion for customer service. Closing a deal with clients should not just end on a high note for both leaders and subordinates. It should end on a satisfying note for clients – in ways such as providing their needs, considering their preferences, updating them on the progress, teaching them on the process, and more. Leaders, along with their subordinates, should also be able to handle all these with care.

What do you think leaders should have passion for? Share your thoughts with us below!

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