shake hands

Everyone has trouble dealing with someone at some point. There is always someone who will annoy you and make your life more stressful than it should be. Whether it is at home or in the workplace, people can be difficult sometimes. You may not be able to avoid situations when people can be so frustrating. But you can choose how to handle them. Here are some things you can do to defuse a potential conflict with someone.

1. Breathe. Give yourself time to calm down. Focus on keeping your cool regardless of how another person’s behaviors or words may already be grating on your nerves. Keeping calm helps you avoid reacting in such a way that will only worsen the situation. If you do not want to fuel or spark more anger and resentment, you have to remain calm so you could focus on resolving the issues at hand.

2. Pay attention. Have you ever read a managing difficult people book? One of the things you can learn from books on dealing with people is to actively listen to what they are saying. Pay attention not just to the words you hear but also to the tone, body language, and other non-verbal things that will give you a better grasp of what a person want to say.

3. Don’t be fixated on being right. Instead, focus on finding a common ground where you can meet halfway to resolve the problem at hand. Before you find yourself holding your ground think of how being in conflict with the person can affect your personal or work life.

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