As a handyman, you are trained not only to use, maximize, and maintain tools but also to be a great leader. How is that possible? Well, a leader is one who is knowledgeable, respectful, and resourceful, right?

You can be all that if you’re a handyman.



A handyman should know all handyman tools he might encounter, whether old or new. A handyman must be aware of how to use tools because it’s not enough that he/she knows their names. The function of each device should be studied to be able to maximize its use and for safety purposes as well. A handyman is like a leader in this aspect because leaders must also know what the team should be doing, where the team should go, and who his/her team members are. Being knowledgeable about what should be done is a must if you’re a leader. Good thing a handyman is used to learning!



Working with other handymen also makes one a respectful leader. No one knows everything, which means you’ll have to respect what others know and the methods they use as long as they’re not illegal. Being caring for your co-workers is also a trait you’ll master if you’re a handyman. After all, when you repair homes or build stuff, you all have to work together to achieve the goal. A leader is also one who must be respectful to his/her teammates. If you don’t listen to others’ opinions and only care about what you think, then you are a boss and not a leader. A leader is open-minded; he/she welcomes the suggestions of others and weighs the advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve been a handyman for so long, for sure, you know how to be respectful because customers and companies won’t hire you if you don’t have this positive characteristic in you.


handyman-vectorLastly, a handyman is resourceful just as a leader should be. A great example of this trait can be found at this link: As a handyman, you must be able to use the available materials you can use to create something huge, new, and useful. Being a handyman can make you a better leader who can look for intelligent and quick ways to overcome difficulties. A leader is one who can think of a win-win solution despite being in a negative environment.

So, if you wish to be an effective leader, be a handyman!

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