CS:GO Trading: Investing the Proper Way

Have you ever tried CS:GO trading? If you haven’t, then you should! You might be skeptical at first, but boy, you would love it once you try!

There are so many questions around CS:GO trading especially from beginners, and one of them would be what are the items I should and should not trade?

Today, we’ll answer that question.



It’s best to invest in weapons that have a high chance of increasing in value. Such collections are the following in no particular order:

  • Nuke, Overpass, Vertigo
  • Baggage, Bank, Alpha
  • Assault, Aztec, Arms Deal 1
  • Cache, Cobblestone, Winter Offensive
  • eSports 2013, Bravo, Arms Deal 2
  • eSports 2013, Winter, Arms Deal 3
  • Dust, Militia
  • Phoenix

These are the items that have a great possibility of having a higher worth later on. It’s also advisable for you to invest in major event capsules such as ESL cologne and Katowice.


On the other hand, the following are the weapons you should avoid getting. Note that they’re listed in alphabetical order.

  • csgo-tradingDual Berettas
  • G3SG1
  • M249
  • MAC-10
  • MAG-7
  • MP7
  • Negev
  • Nova
  • PP-Bizon
  • Sawed-Off
  • SCAR-20
  • UMP-45
  • XM1014

Why should you avoid them, you ask? Because they’re difficult to sell. However, their classified or restricted versions are easy to trade.

Remember not to get new items too.


To understand the world of CS:GO trading, you should know the terms commonly used. You can thank me later.

Term Definition
Angel Angel Slaughter Pattern
Autobump Automatic bump
B/O or Buyout The selling cost you’d immediately trade your item for
Bayo Bayonet Regular
Blfy Butterfly Knife
Blue Gem A knife that’s packed with the color blue (FT, WW, MW, FN Case Hardened)
BS Backside or Battle-Scarred (exterior quality of the item)
C/O Current Offer (the best offer which you’ve receive up to a particular point)
CH Case Hardened
CW Crimson Web
Diamond Diamond Slaughter Pattern
Flawless No scratches (perfect)
Flip Flip Knife
FN Factory New (exterior quality)
FT Field-Tested (exterior quality)
Full Fade The whole knife has fade colors and no gray
Glitched FN FN that is in an excellent condition
Gut Gut Knife
Heart Heart Slaughter Pattern
Highball When the seller overprices the item he’s selling
Kara Karambit
Lowball An extremely cheap offer
M9 M9 Bayonet
Mirrored Similar playside pattern as the backside pattern on a particular knife
MW Minimal Wear (exterior quality)
Phoenix Bird Slaughter Pattern
Pink Fade This is only for the Karambit Fade, it’s 85-90% colored pink
PS Playside
Pure Cash or keys
Quicksell Selling an item for a cost that’s lower than the market price in exchange for cash or keys
Rank The top 10 knives of the preset
SS Screenshot
Vanilla Plain look of a knife / the knife has no skin
WW Well-Worn (exterior quality)
Zebra Stripes (obviously) / No slaughter pattern



  1. Avoid scammers by checking the account thorougly.
  2. Converse nicely with the person you’re dealing business with.
  3. Always examine the quality of the item before trading.
  4. Don’t rush the person because it might piss him off, causing him to cancel the trade.